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Leon Thurman

 …and thank you for stopping by.


I’m Leon Thurman.

I make my living by helping people:

  • SING any style of music with expressive skill
  • SPEAK persuasively and genuinely before groups of people
  • TALK with people so they connect with you [job interviews, for instance]

I also help people:

  • PREVENT voice disorders or injuries from happening
  • CONNECT with voice-committed doctors and therapists who provide up-to-date care when a voice disorder or injury has happened
  • REGAIN optimum voice after a disorder or injury has resolved
  • REGAIN a strong, capable voice after it hasn’t been used very much

I’d be honored to help you, or anyone you know. Just get in touch—and be well.

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Latest News

Using SKYPE online technology, successful long-distance voice sessions have happened between Leon and vocalists in California, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. International sessions have happened with people in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Le Mans, France; Pohl, Germany; Istanbul, Turkey; and Guam (Pacific island). 

SKYPE enables video and audio two-way communication, AND IT'S FREE to you!! You'll need an internet connection; and a video camera has to be imbedded in or connected to your computer. Download SKYPE to your computer, then use my SKYPE address, leonthurman, to request that I become one of your SKYPE contacts (also, send me an email about your request). When I accept, we will be SKYPE-connected and we can video-call each other. [You do not have to buy telephone service to use the free video call service.]

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BABETTE LIGHTNER at LTVC: Wholeness in Motion - Classes & One-to-One
The Leon Thurman Voice Center is honored to provide teaching space in Minneapolis for Babette Lightner's Lightner Method classes and one-to-one sessions.  Click on the link to get details and/or register.  Babette's work with human beings and our whole body-selves is just elegantly enlightening. Do yourself a biiiiiiiig favor: check out what she offers and sign up for, ohhhhh...elegant enlightenment?

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Download 2004 Vocal Registers Paper
Addressing Vocal Register Discrepancies: An Alternative, Science-Based Theory of Register Phenomena

Click here for PDF version Click here for PDF version


You can purchase as many sessions as you wish at a 10% discount. AND...

All gift certificates are at the $38.00 per session rate, PLUS THE DISCOUNT Regular session rates are found under this website's Voice Services menu tab; click on Scheduling and Fees.

A certificate, with the recipient's name included, can be sent to you by email or the U.S. Postal Service, if you request it. 

The VoiceCare Network Summer Courses in Minnesota

VoiceCare's 2017 Bodymind and Voice course, was completed during July 13 - 20. This course is offered every summer with optional grad or undergrad credit and is held at Saint John’s University, Collegeville, Minnesota. It will be offered next on July 9 - 16, 2018. Some really great people show up from all over the U.S. and from other interesting countries on several continents.

People who have attended the Bodymind and Voice course can continue their learning from "wherever they are" in their learning continuum. During July 24 - 28, 2017, VoiceCare's continuing course, Conducting Gestures and Voice, was presented. This course is one of VoiceCare's two continuing courses that are presented in alternate years. The other continuing course, Personal Voice Education, will be offered July 20 - 24, 2018.

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