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Leon Thurman Workshop

In 2004, Leon rehearsed the Australian National High School Honour Choir (mostly the males) and conducted them in performances at Choralfest, the biannual conference of the Australian National Choral Association (ANCA) in Adelaide.  Sigrid Johnson from St. Olaf College, USA, rehearsed and conducted the women.

Also at Choralfest, Leon presented nine 75-min. interest sessions on evidence-based voice skill learning and teaching, and expressive, human compatible choral rehearsing.  And, he presented a session on adolescent male and female changing voices at the Brisbane 'chapter' of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing, and a session on human compatible learning and teaching for the voice faculty and voice students at the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, Brisbane.

In an email, Helen Pietsch, the Choralfest chair, wrote:

I have read all the feedback sheets and yours and Sigrid's came up tops!... It was wonderful to have your instruction and it has obviously inspired other Australian choral conductors to start doing their vocal homework judging from the feedback. That is the best result one could hope for from a Choralfest, so just think of the seeds you have been able to sow!  You contributed greatly to the success of Choralfest just by being you, Leon!

Leon doesn't just do 'big' events like Choralfest. His teaching skill-set is wide and includes people who want to give persuasive speeches or converse interestingly with people. Small groups and school choirs are just as important.

Leon can prepare and present:

  • conference sessions
  • workshops
  • clinics
  • small group discussions
  • seminars
  • classes
  • courses of study...

...that address any aspect of skilled and expressive singing and speaking. He has his own projector that enables him to integrate powerpoint-type technology (videos and stills) within his in-person presentations.

Choose any type of voice education situation and/or age group:

  • elementary/primary school
  • junior high/middle school
  • high school
  • undergraduate and/or graduate program courses
  • community education, e.g., job seekers, teachers, nurses, local elected officials, physicians, salespersons, exercise leaders
  • classroom singers
  • choral singers
  • solo singers
  • actors/cast members/acting students
  • public speakers, e.g., clergy, elected officials, business executives, trial lawyers, political campaigners
  • writers who read their work in front of audiences
  • Pick one or several general vocal abilities (e.g., pitch, volume, or voice quality ranges in singing and speaking, vocal registers and transitions between them in speech or song...)
  • Pick any topic on the subject of human vocal self-expression

Fees and expected services for all such presentations are negotiated and agreed upon in advance, after which a contractual agreement will be mutually signed.

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