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Scheduling, Fees, & Session Cancel Policy

To inquire about scheduling of one or more voice sessions with Leon, please call 612-839-6806 in the U.S. and Canada.  For other international calls: +1-612-839-6806.
So that one-to-one voice sessions are affordable, yet frequent enough for noticeable progress, up to ten weekly sessions may be purchased (details below). 
Sessions may begin during any week when days/times are available. Send an email to: or call 612-839-6806 to schedule.  
Each session lasts about one hour. [Standard length of private music lessons—worldwide—is only 30 minutes.]
The per-session fee varies according to the number of sessions purchased. 
ALL SESSIONS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE BEFORE ANY SESSION CAN BEGIN. Make All Checks Payable to Leon Thurman. Cash is accepted; receipts provided on request.
      1. The TEN SESSIONS PLAN, means that you will be scheduled for ten consecutive sessions that will begin on any mutually agreeable day/time. The per-session price is $39.00, so the total payment for about three months of sessions would be $390.00. In that case, before your first session begins, you would pay for all ten sessions. When those ten sessions are completed, you can then pay for another ten sessions before the first of those sessions begins.
      2. The FOUR SESSIONS PLAN means that you can schedule four sessions consecutively or non-consecutively on any days/times that are mutually agreed upon. All four sessions must be paid before the first session can begin. The per-session price is $42.00, so the total payment for four sessions would be $168.00.   When those sessions have been completed, you can pay for the next four sessions, and so on, for as long as you continue learning.
      3. PRIVATE, ONE-TIME-ONLY, VOICE CONSULTATIONS are only for the following situations: (1) a person is experiencing voice problems such as hoarseness, vocal fatigue or pain, or diminished vocal ability, and a vocal assessment is needed to determine if a visit to an Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) physician and/or voice therapist is needed [referrals will be made if needed], (2) a person is frequently out of town (performance touring, for example) and must schedule single sessions irregularly, (3) a person lives far enough away from Minneapolis that a telephone consultation is necessary, and (4) a person wants to have her or his potential for higher-skill singing or speaking abilities evaluated. The per-session price is $47.00. 
(And Other Arrangements)
When speaking or singing sessions are reserved for clients, each of those time-slots is dedicated for producing income. That is how I make my living. For that reason, advanced payment of sessions must be required. When clients or I must miss sessions, provisions must be made to deal with them. Here they are:
      1. If you have to miss a session for any reason, please call 612-839-6806 and leave a message as soon as possible. 24-hour notice is common courtesy unless that is not possible.
      2. When you must miss one or more sessions for any reason, and notice was provided as soon as possible, only one make-up session will be scheduled per seasonal time-period, but ONLY if the miss is for: (1) personal illness or injury, (2) weather or transportation incidents that make travel impossible. Vehicle repair is not included unless it happens during travel to your voice session. Make-up sessions will be scheduled between the seasonal time-periods regardless of the chosen payment plan. 
      3. For any sessions that I will have to miss, make-up sessions will be scheduled (at no extra charge, of course). They will almost always be scheduled between the seasonal time-periods. 
      4. If life circumstances require extended absence from sessions and they are already paid for in advance, sessions will be suspended until you resume them, with no monetary ‘penalty’. No refunds will be provided.
      5. When you arrive for your sessions, KNOCK ON THE STUDIO 200-C DOOR AT YOUR SCHEDULED SESSION TIME, or as soon as you arrive thereafter. If you have questions about any of these arrangements, please ask.

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